Older Drawings: The Evolution of my Style

I completed these pictures either during or after college, can't remember the exact dates and also, am not the sort of person to title or label my works usually. It's a belief of mine that adhering a title to an abstract work forces the viewer to look for something that may or may not be there. I want the viewer to not just look for a meaning but to look at the picture. Works of art don't always need "meanings". They can be meditations and reflections. They can be frozen moments in time. they can be inspired by a song. They can be appreciated as is with all their colors and lines. 

The colors and lines when they DO represent something in these older drawings of mine I know from memory that they would usually represent sounds. Think about the sound of falling rain or the quiet music of snow. Think about sounds that bring you peace. 

More often than not, these very expressive "scribbly" drawings were just me well, scribbling and making sense out of my messy movements using colors and shading. In that regard, a drawing such as this can be seen as a moment frozen in time. Capturing my erratic hand and pencil movements for what it's worth. 

Drawing to the music on a rainy day, capturing the moment for what it's worth 
Lin Aitchison 

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