the primary colors are good friends of mine 

I know and love them dearly 

look closer 

look closer 

look closer

What do you see in these primeval landscapes?

Is there someone there, someone you've missed, looking back at you?

If you know where to look, lurking around you, within nature, gods and spirits lurk everywhere. Everything is sacred. Nature is sacred, beautiful, and poetic


They're a reminder from the heavens that someone loves me <3

Collection of Digital Abstract Compositions

Figurative Artistic Botany 

Chameleon Sunrise 

Electric Sunday Composition

Shimmering Gold and Blue Composition

Betwixt the Thickets

Here I am daydreaming about a far off summer day as I gaze at this older digital photocollage I unearthed. Wherever you look, there lives earthly treasures among the rainsoaked leaves.