Garden of Dawn

In the garden of the dawn
light pierces like glassy ice
seeds of promise reborn
fractured skeletons in the earth

cool curtains of air arise 
trees crawling for the sky
rainbows trace the songbird’s flight
Sunbeams grace silver edge
of the misty sleepy pond
hollow reflection of me lies
waiting to be reborn
morning garden is a womb tracing
the husk of a water tomb
Bees hum in flowery grassbeds
amid internal monologue
water dances ablaze with
frenzy of fish and frogs
The sun smiles upon me
as fires pierce the morning clouds
ember footprints tread ice pathways
as churning clouds abound
twisting toiling flowing weaving
inferno unveils
snowy scales and fire tales
of skeletons renewed
There’s these flashes of
existence that float and
blossom in the trees
like dragonflies and sleepy bees
dewdrops dissipate like my dreams
evaporate the mirror me
embers weave flicker
scatter into dusty aether
yet bloom on and on
on and on
in the garden of the dawn

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