Many Mollusks

I love animals! Cuttlefish are my favorite cephalopod. Cuttlefish are real life terrestial shapeshifters! They can change the color and texture of their skin to nearly any color or pattern using their millions of chromatophores. When drawing these animals I decided to have a go at using just watercolors with no outlines, I usually love to outline with ink first!

 This is a pastel drawing of some snail friends. Snails and cuttlefish belong to the same animal order, Mollusks! I used black charcoal pencil for some outlines. Flowing lines and expressionist colors help capture the quirky whimsicality of these underappreciated, shy creatures that usually love to hide in the undergrowth of the forest.
Snailbunnies! I'm thinking of making millions of snailbunnies to turn into stickers. Then stickering absolutely everything.

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