Madcap Drawings

 "Myriad" was drawn earlier this year and drawing like this is great fun for me because I can combine my love for botanical art with expressionist art. Plants have always been a symbol of resiliance, and joy di vivre for me. This is also a "tradigital" hybrid drawing where I added digital colors on top of the watercolors. The original drawing looks similar just the yellows aren't quite as radioactive.

Monday at 5 pm started out as a pencil....scrawling. Wasn't quite sure what to draw! But then shapes started appearing before me and I cleaned them up and drew and colored them with markers.

Long Night was drawn during a fun night I must say, this is a juxtaposition of the music and quiet ambience of the night. It's a work in progress still because I need the right background color.

Riverfall Side B

This is one of my favorite pictures digitally enhanced with more bombastic colors and details. It feels like this picture is really singing now, which is appropriate seeing as how I drew it to live music as I am known to do! :D

Words and Pictures

 Intrepid cascading blue electricity tumbling, falling and splashing over the charred, scorched entrance to the dragon's lair. For years it lay secret, but years of drought had caused the moonbow falls to slowly shrink and evaporate till the maw that reeked of burning bones and corpses became revealed again.

When she peered into someone's eyes, their pupils, with enough intent, the entire world would disappear before her and this portal would appear. It was the portal to their minds. It would take on differering colors based on the person, and she would hear the echoes of different sounds based on the person. But the portal was always somewhat circular and rippling with ferocity.

The sun was courted by five moons, and the sky was glowing pink. It was official, she was so, so , lost, nowhere even close to Earth anymore.

What you See is What you Believe in

 When I can't decide what color I want to work with, I just use them all! I love rainbows :)

Here's another version of the pic with inverted colors. It's fun to digitally edit the colors because you don't have to worry about wasting too much paint so you can still make plenty of other artworks.


Pressure is a portrayal in ink and watercolor of celestial wombs, tombs, portals and spiraling cellular growths. I used irridescent ink in this one for the first time, this pic doesn't do justice to the original's shinyness!!!


This is a flowing, lyrical watercolor marker drawing that I am so happy with. It reminds me of when you hear a certain voice or song and all those good memores and feelings just start pouring and radiating outwards. <3

Many Mollusks

I love animals! Cuttlefish are my favorite cephalopod. Cuttlefish are real life terrestial shapeshifters! They can change the color and texture of their skin to nearly any color or pattern using their millions of chromatophores. When drawing these animals I decided to have a go at using just watercolors with no outlines, I usually love to outline with ink first!

 This is a pastel drawing of some snail friends. Snails and cuttlefish belong to the same animal order, Mollusks! I used black charcoal pencil for some outlines. Flowing lines and expressionist colors help capture the quirky whimsicality of these underappreciated, shy creatures that usually love to hide in the undergrowth of the forest.
Snailbunnies! I'm thinking of making millions of snailbunnies to turn into stickers. Then stickering absolutely everything.

Digital Photocollages

Three older digital abstract photocollages. It's been such a long time I can only remember that I combined a photo I took of an urban scene with the colors from a heavily forested corner in the park. 

I am a bit of a part time photographer when I am not drawing or painting. When taking pictures, I am not only taking pics for the sake of their aesthetics or recording memories, but also thinking about how I can collage, splice, edit and remix them in future works. I love to render pictures I took completely abstract as a way to highlight the interwoven patterns and geometry present in the scenes around us. 

Summer Retrograde

This picture was drawing earlier this year at Madcap Monday, at the Dusk!! I love live drawing to music. I drew the ink first then proceeded to color with my handy dandy watercolor markers. The title of this piece comes from one of my favorite synthwave songs by Thunder Porpoise!! :D

Artist Statement

My goal as an artist is to render my dreams into reality with vivid colors and playful meandering lines that twist and curl. I work with most media particularly watercolor and markers. My favorite subjects include fantasy creatures, humanoids, surreal squiggles and landscapes. I would consider myself a "Surreal Expressionist". Surreal expressionism is combining dreamforms and dreamscapes with expressive, vivid lines and colors that suggest a mood, or perhaps a song or memory and those flashes and flickers of being alive. I also like to draw animals, still lives and fanart from time to time in my own unique way. I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork as much as I enjoy making it :)